Masten voor zend- en luister amateur


Tel.: 06 -  13 906 225    Email:  Verkoop@avstechniek.nl


AVSTECHNIEK is a specialist in building highly qualitative antenna-masts and supplier of parts at reasonable amateur prices.
Our program consists of the Solid line sliding antenna-masts,
a well know construction we changed at essential positions, and therefore improved it.
Solid line masts are often easy to install. We have in the last couple
of years successfully delivered a great number of antenna-masts in Europa.
The Solid line masts are available in aluminium (SL2000).  
A SL2000 can be combined with several mounting systems.
You can get information in English at: verkoop@avstechniek.nl
We have in our program all kind of material for antenna-masts.
Such as rotor, winches, steel cables, mounting material, feeders,
and much more. These pages are in Dutch but the products are
coded and mostly with pictures.
You can always send us a mail with your questions.